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Exterior Handwash

exterior hand wash

Have a car that just exemplifies clean and pristine with our exterior wash.

Interior Auto Detailing

interior detailing

"It's about what's inside!" applies to vehicles too! You wont even recognize the inside of your car after we're through detailing it.

Interior & Exterior Auto Detailing Service

exterior + interior

Inside and out, your car is in great hands with us. It'll feel like a brand new car when we're finished with it.

Car and Truck Auto Detailing Guelph

interior vacuuming

Whether its fabric or leather we can vacuum your seats and remove all odours attached, giving you that new car smell!

Car and Truck Auto Detailing Guelph

Tire wash

Your tires spends hours driving out on the road and they need the care that only we can provide.

Car and Truck Auto Detailing Guelph

Carpet cleaning

We'll remove the stains and grime stuck inside your carpets making them look brand-new!

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Speedvale Auto Detailing Name Change.

In the near future, Speedvale Auto Detailing will be merging with VP Auto and will be renamed VP Auto Detailing.